goddessradha (goddessradha) wrote in dharmapoets,

God's meadow

I woke to birds singing in a veiled morning,
and I knew God was this.

God in conversation with God
at opposite sides of the sky.
The wind in high treetops,
his conversation with things that fly.
Things that sing,
still and winged,
are God singing praises to God.

What words shall I use to praise you?
I listened in stillness
as the wind swept through tree limbs, through my limbs,
and I felt that I will be that wind.

Let the way be open
and my heart be still to listen.
Let the way be open
and my eyes be blind so that I might know.
Let the way be open
and this part of you that is empty,
the you in me, be filled.

Let your divine light
be in my day and night.
Be my truth, my path, my flight
to the one that is everything and nothing.
To the One that is all.
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