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In the initial stages of light,
before the emitting of life,
where the culmination of
universe, time, consciousness,
physical limits and perception,
there came animation,
cells that scattered bout,
from dust and nothingness,
pre-basic elements,
when the sun was God,
where intelligence was
simple, unstructured and
the mind misunderstood,
the heart the brain,
questions were answered,
languages forming from
pictures and phonospeak,
in a time after the bang,
when death had no afterlife,
life itself having no reason
in and of itself lacking cause,
rationality no purpose yet,
no reason for reasoning,
soothsayers shall come,
wise men to define wisdom,
theories of God(s) and
the label right/wrong,
awareness is yet to come,
interpretation yet to be,
man has inherited life,
eons after life inherited
itself and the term became so,
when the first of hearts
were single chambered,
before man discovered
HIS ego and tragedy befell,
when he, the monkey,
Neanderthals and infidels,
was belief yet structured?
at least in the faith of…
something, no anything,
the future was not destined
to come, but the present
tells another story.
Here it is…
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