:burnserkits: (burntserkits) wrote in dharmapoets,

First piece since serious auto accident on June 10...


What happened,
it all stopped so fast though it should’ve just passed,
becoming a halt that snapped a million and one necks.

There was this eternal roar of thunder that kept rumbling,
the vibration in its wake caused time to stop in its tracks.

The hindering of life was so great that existence crawled,
rather its continuance drug its broken appendages behind.

Biology was acquainted with steel mechanics of science,
and all of its functions were given artificial assistance.

Perception of reality was clouded with a fog of hope,
introspection and meaning took on the face of optimism.

Great things were to manifest from the horror of tragedy,
purpose was thwarted from materialism more toward truth.

Acceptance was to become the rite of passage onward,
yet this task was cursed with helplessness and disenchantment.

The ability to progress was granted only through chemistry,
mental stability crossed with the power to heal granted assurance.

All else that is to become of He who was born of trauma
falls into the hands of nature’s gift of wellness through time.

Maturing into the embodiment of inevitability and fate,
though the belief of all happenings having reason remains
in question.
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