E. Pritchard (rubyslippers01) wrote in dharmapoets,
E. Pritchard


Come on, admit it
You know the guy with the gruff gray beard
in the wheelchair with his
legs chopped off at the knees
outside the supermarket is intriguing.

He doesn’t seem to be missing anything
Rather, he seems enhanced somehow
like he’s been places and seen things
and taken brave actions the rest of us
just don’t.

Sure, Life slices us
It dices…it even purees
Parts of us go missing for
it seems like forever
On most of us, it’s less obvious
We’ll have amputated egos, or
dismembered hopes or eroded dreams

He’s not afraid of his losses
his eyes gleam contentedly as he stares
up into a cloud
where a little angel has suddenly
strapped a sturdy new pair of legs on
and is running around Heaven
shouting “Look, Ma!
No wings!”
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